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How we work

Our goal is to win your loyalty so that to prolong the contract and so that you recommend us to your friends. To help you understand how to work, here is the step-by-step description.


You either call us or directly fill the application form, where you indicate your requirements towards your nanny. Based on that application, we select 2-3 candidates and send you their resumes.


After initial selection, we setup a meeting so that you can interview each candidate. We can come to your place or you’re well come to our office. During the interview, we encourage you to clarify important aspects of nannies work.


You make the decision and we sign a contract. After the payment is complete your nanny can start working with your kid. Often time our clients request to run trial days to finalize the decision to work with a particular nanny.

Trial days

The first impression is good, however it is better to have trial days. During these days you can test the water and finally see whether you, your kid and the nanny are comfortable to cooperate with each other.

Customer support

We sign a one-year contract. If, because of any reason, you need to replace the nanny, we will promptly find another candidate. Also, in your daily routine there could be other question – you are always welcome to contact us and get our support.

Discount for prolongation

Our customers value the high quality of our service. The best prove of it is almost every customer decides to work with us for the second and further years. In that case you get 50% discount for our service.